Friday, February 24, 2012

Learning Place Value

Learning about and understanding Place Value is the most important concept students can accomplish in elementary school. Everything revolves around it. The PowerPoint is more than just a presentation. It is a 4 day standards based unit that incorporates Singapore Math teaching strategies while providing concrete examples with interactive manipulatives and standardized test practice.

To see a preview or download the whole unit on PowerPoint please visit my TPT store. It includes interactive activities, lessons, example, test prep., songs, and much more. It is all you will need to ensure that students thoroughly understand place value.                   

I use this presentation over a week long period by taking it slow with naming places, to finding places of digits in numbers, to discovering the values of digits based on places. I base my lessons on the strategies developed through Singapore Math.

Each of my students have large place value chart that folds to fit in their desk. Each desk also has the standard manipulative box that came with our math series, but it also has a zipper bag of red, yellow, green, and blue chips (20 of each). These chips are an awesome investment because I use them in my addition, subtraction, and multiplication units.

I use lots of multimedia materials, which I embed into my PowerPoint presentation. Here are some of my faves:

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