Sunday, February 26, 2012

Decimals: Understanding that Little Dot

After teaching my unit on fractions, I move on into teaching decimals. It just makes sense because they are both used to represent parts of a whole. Plus 5/10 and 0.5 mean the same thing so it helps kids to start decimals while they are still in the fraction frame of mind.

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I spend a week on decimals. The first day I introduce the concepts of decimals by relating them to fractions. I use a graphic organizer to help kids grasp the concept and several other activities, which you can check out at my TpT store.

The next day we watch the following video:

Then we review the graphic organizer with more examples. Next I allow them to show me what they know with a worksheet or matching game.

The rest of the week is spent on adding and subtracting fractions. Here is a video that my kids really love and it helps them understand the most important thing when adding or subtracting decimals.

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