Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Videos, Games, and Resources...Oh My!

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: Don't tell me teachers don't work in the summer. Real teachers work all summer.... even if it is Pinning classroom ideas on Pinterest. Sounds like prof. development to me!For the last two days, I have been at a curriculum workshop. You know the that could be very helpful if you were allowed to do what you needed to do instead of filling in forms that someone else feels that you need to do.. I am not saying it was a waste of time, but there is only so much that 7 people with differing opinions can do when you are having to type into one document.

So while a couple of us were transferring our work to the aforementioned document, I started searching for electronic resources. I am not one to use "the book". In fact, last year my children never even opened "the book", and I am toying with the idea of not even handing "the book" out this year. I am not judging people who choose to use "the book", to each his own. It is just not for me, and is obviously not for my county since this is the year we are supposed to adopt a new math series and we are opting out. 

My point is....
there are phenomenal resources out there for people who do not use "the book" or who would like to supplement "the book's" resources. I am all for not reinventing the wheel, so I was very pleased to find websites where some wonderful, amazing, brilliant, and generous individuals and systems have listed and hyper-linked a variety of resources ranging from worksheets to videos to game to SMART board activities to ....anything under the sun that one may use to enhance the mathematical education of children instead of just using .....wait for it....."the book".

Here are some of the "Mother Loads" that I found:
(I tried to give credit where credit is due)

Thank you, Rockingham!

Thank you, Lee Summit School District


Home  -

Math Projects

Oakdale Joint Unified School District | Oakdale, CA

And I can't help but include my own brilliant resources that I put together for my parents!

There are tons more resources out there, so get to exploring them!!