Saturday, November 17, 2012

Multiplying by Tens and Hundreds

One of my favorite concepts to teach is multiplying by multiples of 10's and 100's. Once I teach students The Meaning of Multiplication and how to find the answers to multiplication facts using arrays, groups, skip counting and repeated addition, I love to totally impress them with some major multiplication problems like:

20 x 9=180    
400 x 6= 2,400    
5,000 x 7 = 35,000
I help students master this concept by introducing them to Zero the Hero.

He makes multiplying by mutliples of tens and hundreds simple. All students need to do is circle the basic fact. Find the product. Count the zeros and then add them to the answer.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation I use during class.

Multiplying By Multiples of 1...

Once students practice a little while, it becomes second nature. It makes estimating with mutliplication a breeze.

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