Sunday, August 19, 2012

Scrunchy Border

One of the most almost things I found on Pinterest this summer was the "Scrunchy Border"! It is so simple and looks soooooo amazing.

The 3-D affect is so cool. It adds alot of flare and style  to my classroom, and seeing as I am a "little" dramatic that is important!

So here is how you do it:
1. All you need is butcher paper, scissors, and staples
2. Get 6 or more feet of butcher paper
3. Cut it into strips that are about 5-6 inches wide
4. Fold it accordin style (my kids did this part)
5. Scrunch it all up like you are about to throw it away
6. Start in a corner staple and then scrunch
7. Continue stapling and then scrunching all the way around the board

Easy Breezy!

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