Saturday, April 7, 2012

Detecting Key Words

To go along with my Wonderful Problem Solving PowerPoint presentation, I have created a packet of Key Word goodies. This packet has everything you need to ensure that students completely understand how to use key words in problem solving. It includes an attractive Key Word poster.

It also has a blank graphic organizer for students to fill in and student and teach notes. It uses acrostics and other mnemonic devices to help students remember the key words for addition, subtraction, and multiplication problem solving. There are 4 different printables which focus on addition key words, subtraction key words, multiplication key words, and a mix of key words. These also include word problems for students to solve. 

The final part of the packet is a Key Word game, which asks partners to sort word problems into the operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. It includes 24 word problem cards, which partners are to read and decide together which operation the key word is asking them to perform. 

You can download a preview of the packet or purchase it at my TpT store.

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