Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ancient Greece Jeopardy

Talk about something that is hard to find info on! It is near about impossible to find material with which to teach about Ancient Greece. Our standards call for us to teach ancient Greek architecture, democracy, and the Olympics.

Like so many other topics, our text book has limited to no information. So I have scoured the Internet and found a few things and then created many other things.

One of these is a Jeopardy PowerPoint presentation that I use as a review. It covers democracy, the Olympics, voting, architecture, and maps. It is a wonderful resource!

Check it out at my TpT store. It would be a great review for you state exams that are coming up oh so soon!

Since the information is so hard to find, I thought I would save you some time and add a few of the videos I use during my unit on Ancient Greece.

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